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Wanted: Work-from-home CSRs

A photo by Oliur Rahman.

Hey, it’s 2017! Did you know that you can work as a CSR from home? Yes, technology and our country’s improving Internet connection has made this possible.

What you need:

  1. A working computer, at least Intel Core i3 with 4GB ram – this is a must for most apps to work seamlessly.
  2. A stable DSL connection, Cable, or Fiber; at least 2MBps (check your speed at, which should be your main connection. You need to have a mobile LTE connection as back up.
  3. Willingness and discipline to work from home.
  4. Experience as a CSR or an online ESL tutor.

Call center agents are the consummate professionals, they can do great work for different and difficult task.

You’re in for a treat because a reputable US-based company is looking to expand their offshore contractors.

It’s an interesting and rewarding job; your role is to qualify customers who reached out to the company’s website and/or called the sales hotline. You’ll follow the guidelines and route them to the next step.

Check out this link to take the test and apply.



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