How To Get More Jobs On Upwork? Follow these 6 Simple steps

You’ve been working online through Upwork for quite some time and you’ve been wanting to get more clients so you’ll have more jobs or projects. Ideally, you want a 40-hour a week job or more, but you currently have short-term or part-time ones only. Ever wondered how to get considered or interviewed for a job? or how to get invites from clients regularly? It’s not rocket science, though it’s not easy but if you follow these steps you’ll see your success rate at getting Upwork interviews and jobs increase.

1. Update your profile

Start it off  with a catchy Job title; some interesting titles I’ve found so far: Software Engineer with a Human Touch; All-around VA, can fix everything except the kitchen sink; Project Manager and your one-stop-shop

2. Brief but clear Overview

The shorter but clearer, the better. Quick read but says a lot about you, the better. At this time and age, almost everyone has short attention span. Do the hiring manager a favor by making your overview an “Overview” not a novel.

3. Differentiate yourself

Job hunting and hiring is a matchmaking business, make yourself found by highlighting your strengths. If you’re looking for an English Tutor online job and you’ve tutored English to Koreans offline, that’s an advantage. Highlight that experience, it gives you a level of “street cred”

4. Apply for Jobs

You have 60 credits on Upwork every month, that means you can apply for 30 jobs a month, USE them! Recruiters on Upwork can determine when a freelancer has been active, those who usually get invites are those who are “active” weekly. Apply for a job at least once a week, the more the better.

5. Short and Brief Proposals Win

I have landed countless jobs on Upwork by applying using my mobile phone through the app. I am forced to submit a short proposal because it is hard to type using a mobile device. On the other end, a client gets between 20 to 50 proposals and they have short attention span (as I’ve mentioned earlier) and they’d prefer short, concise, and personalized proposals. I suggest that proposals be not more than 7 sentences long, in general with some exemptions (like writing jobs).

6. Rinse and repeat

Do steps 1 to 5 regularly. I have updated my Upwork profile countless times, I stay active, I apply regularly, and the result is I get at least 3 client invites per week and 80% chance of landing an interview.

More jobs means that you are able to maximise your time, ultimately, you earn more (even easily earn more than an office job).


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