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Are You Looking for an Online Job? Here’s how!

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Work. Anywhere. Anytime.

The prospect of working from home or working remotely is wonderful. How hard can working from home be? I have more than 5 years experience, I worked in a Call Center, I’m a certified professional.

I can say that Upwork is a godsend for those of us for those who are tired of their daily commute, for those us who cannot afford leave home because of kids, for those of us who just want a boundless career.

Thousands of opportunities are for grabs on this platform and let me share some tips how to win here so you can work online too.

  1. Know what you want to do a00179f36103a9b15074f7f3ae30242e
  2. Know what you can do – audit your skills, best way to do this is to update your resume and your LinkedIn profile. If you know what you can do you can easily choose jobs you can bid for.
  3. Be patient – Upwork is a global platform, there are many jobs but you’re competing globally as well. You can  only bid up to 30 jobs per month, so bid wisely.
  4. Bid for jobs – yes, again, there are lots of jobs but there are lots of competition. Stand out from the crowd! Based on my experience, you can stand out be crafting personalized bids vs templates, here are some tips:
    • Read the full job description; some hiring managers include instructions on the description like placing this “insert the word Barber Shop on the top of cover letter to prove you read the instructions”.
    • Too many bids – Do not bid for jobs where there are already 20 to 50 people of have bids, the hiring manager is already swamped choosingmy_job_feed
    • Make sure “Payment verified” is checked
    • For me they should have spent at least $500 on Upwork to be considered as “serious” with hiringBusiness_Management__Internet_Start-up__-_Admin_Support.png
    • At least 5 stars – clients do get reviews too, so you can qualify them before sending a proposal
  5. Repeat Step 3 to 5 – since you are competing with a lot of freelancers, it is best if you have a pool of proposals submitted so you have a steady stream of opportunities

I must say that looking for a job on Upwork is not easy if you’re new, but as you get to be familiar with the platform and as you get more positive reviews it becomes easier.

If you’re still unsure on going full time with working online, you can still look for part time jobs that require 5 to 10 hours a week.

There’s more to learn about this platform but these tips can help you hit the ground running.


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