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Key Learnings


Learning is a conscious decision. There are opportunities to learn from every good or bad situation; learning starts when we process what happened and then make a conscious effort to take action. It may not be an immediate action but it is something that would influence your response in the future. This book by Eric Ries on “The Lean Startup” shares about validated learning and these are my insights.


There’s a pain at work (targets not being met) and you have this assumption on what will cure the disease. You plan and execute based on the assumption but still end up failing, cure not found. Traditionally, because you failed it means that you are not worthy of your position or job because maybe you did not plan carefully or you did not execute well or worse because you’re not competent enough. Based on what I have seen and heard, managers are “demoted”, being assigned to less risky assignments, and worse they are being managed out.


Learning comes from experience, they may also come from other people’s experience. It can also come from mistakes due to ambition (some unfortunately due to negligence). In every situation or circumstance, whether you succeed or fail, there is something to learn.

Never stop learning. Once you learn, apply it. Of course, measure it – be it metrics-based or by milestones. Then look back and review if the applied learning brought improvement.

My Takeaways:

  • There is opportunity to learn in every situation.
  • Give people room spread their wings – they may win or fail.
  • Measure your improvement.
  • Be intentional in learning.
  • Past mistakes don’t define you if you decide to learn.



2 thoughts on “Key Learnings

  1. Give people room spread their wings – they may win or fail. <– Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Pao. I learned that in failure, I saw the better version of me. 🙂


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