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My Experience With Grit

I consider grit as one of the intangibles for one to succeed. Hard work over the long haul is grit. Perseverance to perform over a long period of time is grit. Enduring highs and lows, and trusting the learning process is grit. Being comfortable with your own skin and being confident that you’ll get there no matter how hard it is can also be considered as grit.

My recent learning with grit is that there are just times where everything seems steady and not exciting. They seem repetitive, they seem simple, and they seem boring. I have to remind myself that what I do is of value and it contributes to the bigger picture. Here are my key realizations: 1. Being cognizant that there is no “I” in “TEAM”. 2. Embracing the fact that holding my fort means that I help everyone succeed because we are dependent on one another and we have the same goal. 3. Understanding that there are times when steady and silent is what is needed from me.

I have learned that grit is not only hard work, it is also humility to accept that you are relatively helpless at times to just let the locomotive chug along slowly. Society loves a “hero” or a “superstar”, in real life that can’t always be. To truly succeed you have to trust yourself, get your hands dirty, and get ready to endure for the long haul – you’ll get there inch by inch.

The season that I am on now seems on the surface that it is slow, steady, and unexciting. I trust that this is the pace that is needed from me right now because the other parts of the whole need to accelerate while I provide stability.

This. Is. Grit.





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