Life · Work

Lifetime of Learning

I have been privileged for the past 10 years to be trusted and given the opportunity to lead. I learned from the School of Experience;

Professor Failure was a big part, Mr. Pain instilled something here and there, Instructor Curiosity taught me new ones.

I took crash courses from the School of Leadership Trainings;

Miss Leadership “Point of View” made me understand why I have my current leadership style, another teacher is Mr. Empowerment who taught me to trust, nurture, and delegate.

The School of Reading shaped me too;

The book “The Everything Store” made me realize that we must obsess with customers, the book “Work Rules” resonated that we must over-invest in hiring great people, and the Bible made me experience that Love never fails.

I also enrolled myself in the School of Marriage;

Counselor Booster trained me to invest in my marriage, Beloved Spouse supported me through our ups and downs, and Model Friends inspired me that I too can love my wife with my all.

I’m not done yet, we’re not done yet. As long as we are alive we can choose to learn, we can choose to get better because we learn. I say “Hey Learning, ’til death do us part!”

Hopefully I get admitted to the University of Patience then to the School of Meaning, soon.



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