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It has been a crazy week; the Internet exploded, Social Media was very active, and people got divided.

I got distracted by the Manny Pacquiao issue (not really by what he said because it is his opinion and stand but more of how everyone reacted), the NBA trade deadline, and video games. Those were the main distractions I had this week and they affected my productivity because they steal my time. Instead of finishing my tasks for the day at 4PM I had to work at night just to complete them.


IMG_0114 (1)

Distractions will always be there and it takes some effort on tuning them done. These are the things I’ve learned this week:

  1. Have a checklist, and stick to it. I use Trello to ensure I keep track of my taska for the week, Google calendar to ensure I stick to my schedule, and the old-fashioned notebook and pen for notes that I jot down.
  2. Close Facebook during work hours, if you can’t resist checking feeds just do so during your break. 10 minutes for break, that is, so 10 minutes on FB. FB desktop notifications are a form of distraction too, I turn them off. I think this is a challenge for people like me who have an online job.
  3. Remove things in your work area that causes distraction. Books or magazines on your desk that you don’t need to read yet, other browser tabs that take your attention from work, unnecessary clutter, and the likes.
  4. Take a shower. Yes. Taking a shower calms you down, in my case, I get a lot of brilliant ideas while I’m taking a bath. Try it.
  5. Work somewhere quiet. This is not possible all the time, but if you work online you can always go to your favorite coffee shop or co-working space. If you work in an office, definitely there would be areas that are silent and peaceful, you just have to find them.

We may not always be in control of our environment and social media but you can always find a way to avoid or minimize distraction.

How about you? How do you counter distractions?



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