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Should A Freelancer Still Contribute to SSS?


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There are a lot of job vacancies in the online freelance world. The number of people who are joining this home based jobs bandwagon is growing too. Upwork (formerly oDesk) alone has approximately 1.4 million Filipino users, and there are other sites too like

Most have transitioned from working from traditional jobs, a significant number came from the BPO industry. So, for those of “us” who have transitioned to this type of job, have you continued paying for SSS, Pag-Ibig, and Philhealth?

Here are the reasons why we should:

  • SSS. A lot of noise as of late regarding the veto of the President, but that’s beyond our control. In the event of:
    • Death,
    • Disability,
    • Sickness,
    • Maternity
    • Old age

You get to use the abovementioned benefits. And reality is, life is full of surprises, and it is better to get covered. And yes, there are other private providers out there that offer the benefits mentioned above but I suggest to maintain both, if you can. But I’d prioritize SSS since it is guaranteed by the government.

  • Philhealth. For P200 a month or P600 a quarter, it is really worth it. You and your dependents are covered. They don’t cover 100% of the bill, but any amount you can save will surely be more than the P200 a month you paid.
  • Pag-Ibig. This is not just about housing loans, and I really discovered a gem here. These are the benefits:
    • Annual dividend earnings, tax-free – based on my contributions over the last 10 years my rough computation is that the dividends I earned is equivalent to an average of 5% interest annually which is way way better than banks.
    • Access to Short-Term Loan Programs – easy and fast, for minor emergencies, as a last resort.
    • Access to Housing Loan Program

These are somewhat some of the “hidden” costs that freelancers have to consider. If you are planning to transition to working from home, don’t forget to factor them in.

Here are some helpful links.

  1. SSS Benefits
  2. SSS Pension calculator
  3. Pag-Ibig FAQ
  4. Philhealth Benefits

Hopefully this article is able to remind you of these helpful necessities, or should I say “positive” costs.


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