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5 Tips For A Great Vacation

Vacations are essential to a balanced well-being, it may be expensive or not-so-expensive but it still entails cost. It also consumes time as well. Logistics come into play too.

To make the most out of it, some form of planning will help you maximize the FUN and REST on your vacation.

I just had to do this.

Here are some planning suggestions:

  1. Save. At the start of the year, be deliberate to set aside funds for your vacation. Vacations do cost some money, whether you are a budget traveller or not you still need to spend some hard earned $$$.
  2. Take advantage of PROMOS. Be on alert for piso fare (airline promos), hotel promos, and any kind promotion. Any amount you can save or benefit you can gain is already a huge help to make your vacation memorable. I was personally able to string a piso fare, AirBnB promo (less $60), and Uber free rides in one vacation at one time (use my code hcd9f for your free ride too). Everytime we go on vacation our airfares are purchased on discount. You have the power of information through the internet, use it.
  3. It could take months to prepare for your vacation. Promo fares are usually being sold 3 to 8 months in advance. It gives you time to save and time to study the “things to do” and “places to see” on the place you plan to go. You can also file for vacation leave ahead of time. This where doing remote work is very advantageous, online jobs just make this easier.
  4. Travel light. This depends on what type of traveller you are but as much as possible travel light but having all the essentials with you.
  5. Decide to have fun. Of course, you’re on vacation, have fun. If your plan does not turn out 100% as you wanted it to be, don’t worry. Just go with the flow, appreciate what you have at the moment. Experience new things, see things from a different perspective, and be open minded.


There you go, these are no-brainer tips and they have helped me with my travels.

What are your tips?


5 thoughts on “5 Tips For A Great Vacation

  1. I go for #5 – decide to have fun – JP is a living testimony of making the most of “whatever there is” at the moment. Those chats we had at the dining table are memories to last a lifetime
    I thank God having you as son and the 25 years or so with us. You made us so proud then and more so now being a godly father to Kiyoki and loving spouse to Choco. Blessings to you son! ❤ 💕 you much.


  2. • Learn to say “hello” and “thank you” on the dialect of your destination (if it’s different from yours). A bit helpful in asking around for some tips and directions. 😊


      1. Japan! Any plans in going back there? Since you’re good with skateboarding now, did it ever cross your mind to try snowboarding as well? Japan’s ski resorts are nice. never been there (will do some of these days) just saw some videos in youtube 😜.


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