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5 Perks Of Telecommuting

All jobs are hard, at first, whatever it is and whether it is online job or offline. They are relatively easy once you get the hang of it.

I wrote about the challenges of working from home with online jobs a few weeks ago, this time let me share the perks.


These are my Top 5:

  1.  Zero commute. Yes! You save about 1 to 2 hours per day for commuting which can be converted to “me” time or “family” time.
  2. Taking a shower can be done anytime of the day, not necessarily in the morning.
  3. No need to wear uniform or work clothes. Just wear something comfortable or wear whatever you like.
  4. Time for Vacation. It is easier to go on vacation because you can do workcation.
  5. Room for self development. Because you have a extra time you can use of learning new stuff.

I love these perks, some online freelancers may have other Top 5 perks but I’d say they’ll also have two that are on my list.

So, what’s your top 5?



2 thoughts on “5 Perks Of Telecommuting

  1. i think…
    – more time for the things i’d love to try doing
    – more time with family
    – more time with friends

    or just sum it up to one – MORE TIME! haha

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