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What Is The Future of Online Jobs?

Definitely, telecommuting is the future. I am not saying it will replace offline jobs but there will be significant growth.

There will be jobs that will be transitioned online, thus can be done anywhere. Examples are the ff: Chat/Email support, Social Media Coordinator, Virtual Assistant, Blog writing, accounting, HR, and more. If your job is something you can do or deliver online, then it can soon be transitioned.

Some companies have a hybrid model where there are days of the week that an employee can telecommute.

Here’s a cool infographic of the future of telework



There is a future with online jobs!


6 thoughts on “What Is The Future of Online Jobs?

  1. Hi Paolo! ☺

    You mentioned VA and Accounting. I’d like to try but part-time lang ☺. Busy man sa current work but ganahan ko mag work online. Explore. Expand my horizon. Thanks in advance!


  2. Very insightful infographic. I have experienced both offline and online opportunities; each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, I’m leaning more on online telecommuting. The conveniences, opportunities, and flexibility it offers are enormous.

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