No Office Politics


Startup Stock Photos
credits: Startup Stock Photos
I had this interesting conversation recently with a former colleague. We exchanged “Hi’s” and “hello’s”. He shared that he has an online job and is earning good salary. I shared that I work online too.
Then I was asked if I left my BPO job because of office politics, I was surprised, I did not expect that question. I answered “no, there never was politics”, I had a great boss and good friends. I left because I had an amazing job and amazing team BUT there is this other company who is amazing too and has the culture that I am looking for. The stars just aligned  and I felt that it is time to move on, as one of the results people got promoted because they had to replace me.
To be fair to my previous company, they treated me well, invested in me, and they do their best to ensure their people are taken care of.
Sirs and Madams of my previous job, you know who you are – keep up the good work and keep getting better!

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