Online Worker Challenges

If I can just work from home I can:

  • work anywhere I want…
  • work anytime I want…
  • play all I want…
  • go out all I want…

Ideally, yes, ideally.

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Work Anywhere

Work from home jobs may have a lot of perks but it is not without it’s challenges. As an example – Working from an office would have free air conditioning and comfortable chairs, we online professional have to buy our own and pay for our own power consumption.

These are my Top 5 challenges:

  1. Power Outages – if by any chance you live in Mindanao, you are no stranger to this. Home based jobs have to deal with it. A UPS is a Band-Aid fix, it is able to power my modem and router for ~3 hours (I’m using PLDT Fibr and I know someone who uses PLDT DSL and it works too). I do not get cut off from conference calls  and I do not have to spend for mobile data every time there is power outage in my area.
  2. Lots of distraction (Facebook,errands, unexpected guests, etc) – this can be fixed by effective scheduling; use a calendar, plot your activities, and stick to the schedule
  3. Working longer hours – surprising? Yes, I expected that I will work approximately the same hours as someone who has a 9 to 5 job in an office. Partly because sometimes I am not very productive due to distraction, partly because every time I open my laptop is like clocking in for work.
  4. Internet – residential internet is not as reliable and not as fast as commercial-grade internet. When you experience downtime, based on my experience, it takes long for an ISPs support team to fix the issue. A backup like a pocket wifi or mobile data is a must have. I am pretty satisfied with PLDT internet so far, especially their fiber optic service, speedtest gives me ~20MBps and so far I have had no major issues.
  5. Job Security – Yes and no, there are a lot job vacancies but an office job is relatively more stable. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go but they don’t find it hard to find a new job (some have multiple part time jobs). I must say that working online is part of the “gig economy“. A lot of online pros do juggle several jobs, it’s a matter of time management.

It’s not all bliss and glamour, there’s always two sides of the coin. Good news is, you can be in control and you can always find ways to succeed.

If you work online, I know you can relate. Feel free to share your Top 5 Challenges.


9 thoughts on “Online Worker Challenges

  1. You can also eat as much as you want, whenever you want, in any manner. Lol. For me, the best perk is not having to dress up everyday. It’s great if you have a kid or any other reason to work from home but I wouldn’t recommend it to early 20-year olds. Working in an actual office still offers the most personal growth, imo. 🙂


  2. The best perk for me is not having to waste time getting dressed and going to an office. There can be a lot of distractions but I view them as rewards. If I get a task done, I get to do “distraction” — I do more with a shorter amount of time because I really want to, say, play video games for the next hour or play with the dogs for half an hour! 🙂


  3. Spot on! Now, I can totally relate on these challenges. The best perk of working at home is seeing your child grow before your eyes while earning some for his future.


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