I’m Tired Of Waiting, Are You?


I’m tired of waiting. Time is precious, time is gold, time is money – these words resonate to me now.

Technology has helped cut wait times. On demand services have sprouted here are there.

With Uber we do not have to wait long for a cab; with Amazon, we do not have to queue to pay at cashier; with Thumbtack, we do not have to sift through the yellow pages to find the right plumber.

Today, there are a lot of solutions to the problems of yesterday. There is one thing that really pains me and I want a solution so bad. Wait time with doctor’s appointments and medical check ups. Imagine this: you’re sick or your kid is sick,  you don’t feel well, and you have to wait #forever. I cringe when I think of waiting for a doctor when I’m sick. If you want to solve this, please support this group who is taking a crack at solving this pain point.


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