Tips On Acquiring A New Skill

I recently challenged myself to learn new skills and these are, to code, to play a musical instrument, and to skateboard. Why not?

I’m no longer in my late teens to be taking up a course on programming, I’m no longer a kid who’s playing around with skateboard, and also, I’m no longer young enough to learn how to play a ukulele.


Well, in a span of sixty days, I was able cross-out two of the skills I wanted to learn, skateboard and ukulele, coding is next!

Here are three of my takeaways on how I acquired new skills:

  1. Be Intentional. If you want something, go for it, make it happen. I wanted to play a musical instrument and I found the ukulele to be interesting, so I bought one. I researched on resources that would help me learn, within one week I was already able to play a song and was able to find an online teacher. To learn was a decision that I made and that decision paid dividends for me.
  2. Be Patient. Learning is not a one-time event, it is a process. It takes repetition for muscle memory to develop. It takes practice to master a skill. Most of all, it takes time. Remember, a seed does not grow into tree overnight. The fact that you are trying to learn something new is a huge accomplishment already.
  3. Enjoy. As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun”. Appreciate every step of the way. I took a handful of hard falls when I went out the first time to learn how to skate. When I started to find my balance and ride for several yard I felt that it was epic, and all the falls were all worth it.

Learning a new skill is possible, as long as you try. Have patience and have fun too.

I’m using my takeaways as a proof of concept that I will be able to learn how to code, soon.


Learning another skill: quick amateur video editing.


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